Born in the North of England in 1974 I moved to Australia at the age of just seven years. It was then, in 1981, I had my first introduction to showbiz – My dad was a stand up comedian and singer and often pulled me up on stage as his guest entertainer.

As time went on I got to perform at the Sydney Opera House and was also picked to appear on the Johnny Young Talent Show out of thousands of other hopefuls!

By the end of the 1980s I returned to the UK along with my new adopted accent which I still have! Sounding different got me the attention I needed to launch my solo career and I divided my time between this and recording with various bands and other artists.

During this period I also managed to fit in a tour of Spain and Cyprus before moving permanently to London in 2001. I then went into various part time singing jobs before finally deciding to focus my efforts into creating an album of my own work!

After many years of hard work my dedication has grown and my style has changed, but I still have the same passion and love for singing that I always did.